Lymphedema - Garment

My garment is too loose and/or keeps sliding down. What can I do?

This sometimes happens if the garment is not applied correctly. Find a rubber glove and move the fabric of the garment towards your body so it is evenly distributed from bottom to top. Notice how the garment tends to bunch up around the ankle/wrist.
If your garment is older than 6 months and used to fit great most likely you should invest in a new garment. All manufacturers guarantee the labeled compression for a period of 6 months of wear only. After that time the effectiveness of your garment will be compromised.
If your garment never fit right you most likely got a garment that was too big for you. You will need to be measured by a specialist and fitted for a new garment.

What is the advantage of custom garment?

Sometimes patients can not be fitted into a pre-fabricated garment because the shape of their limb does not fit well into the measurements of the off the shelf garment. This happens most often with gloves or with garments for the lower extremities.
The knit of an off-the-shelf garment differs from a custom garment. A custom garment generally provides more “holding in“ and does not dig into areas of smaller circumference as much.

How much does the custom garment cost?

The general ballpark number for custom garments is double compared to off the shelf garments. This of course varies with the type of garment needed.

Are garments covered by health insurance?

More often than not insurance does not or only partially covers lymphedema garments. We are happy to inquire for you.

Is a compression garment necessary in every case of lymphedema?

For most patients that is true.

Do I need to wear the garment for the rest of my life?

Once you have lymphedema it will most likely not resolve. Your compression garment will help you to maintain your limb at a normal size.

I had a mastectomy, am I at risk of lymphedema?

If you solely had a mastectomy without lymph node removal you at no higher risk of getting lymphedema than the general population.

Is lymphatic drainage covered by my health insurance?

There is no easy answer to this one. As you know there are many different types of insurance coverage. At Avicenna Lymphedema Clinic we are more than happy to inquire about your benefits BEFORE you come in for your first treatment. Please call to get details regarding the information we need in order to inquire for you.