Meet Igor and Petra, the Avicenna Acupuncture & Lymphedema Clinic directors!


Dr. Igor Zielinski
L.Ac., DOM

Petra E. Schalk

Caring for others has been our passion, and we work hard to put that passion in all of our work at Avicenna.

Igor and Petra have been practicing medicine since the mid-1990s, and their combined experience makes a difference to Avicenna patients. Medical leaders who demonstrate a balanced approach to Eastern and Western medicine are rare, and you’ll experience their unique qualifications in your very first visit.

It begins with respecting the patient.

Petra’s background in occupational therapy (OT) in both Germany and the US, and Igor’s experience as an MD in Poland helped them both realize that patient care involves much more than just an annual doctor visit. Patient-focused healthcare is more like a conversation where ideas are shared and successful treatment reflects the whole patient’s needs. To Igor and Petra, treating a patient begins by carefully listening before suggesting treatment. They understand that physical and emotional components are both essential to a patient’s wellbeing, and that no two patients have exactly the same needs.

To Petra and Igor, patient care is both a science and an art.

Just as a painter uses different tools and techniques to create a masterpiece, treatment at Avicenna does not rely on a single treatment approach. With empathy and a wealth of health resources, Igor and Petra are able to collaborate with their patients and build a personalized wellness path. 

Avicenna serves a wide range of ages, all with a common goal of improved health in both body and mind. We invite you to speak with us regarding your own health needs. At Avicenna, we understand the importance of listening to each of our patients, and strive toward the highest form of health success: happy, healthy patients.