August 28, 2017

Igor is truly an exceptional person. My first trip to Avicenna Acupuncture was all I needed to know I was in the right place. Igor is professional, caring, focused and helpful. He listens to how you are and what is going on in your life and with your body. He is well informed both about Western Medicine and about acupuncture. He has been the foundation of my ability to decrease the dose of an addictive prescription drug that I have been trying for years to get off of. The acupuncture Igor does makes it possible for me to decrease the dose, stay at that level and then decrease it some more after an appropriate period of time. After many past failures I am now at 1/3 of the dose I was on when I first saw Igor…and the dose keeps getting smaller. It doesn’t require willpower or stamina, just Igor’s ability to release the energy that is messed up. I have also had Igor treat my kids. They were extremely wary, but with Igor’s reassuring manner and his attitude of ease and caring, they both came to trust him and let him do acupuncture with them. The conditions Igor was treating for both of them had significant resolution with only a few visits. Thank you, Igor, for your continued caring and support!