If only I could give six stars, I would.

I have been a patient of Dr. Zielinski for more than three years. They have been the best years of my life. I used to go from one doctor to another hoping to cure my severe allergies, bad pms-­‐ing and literally never ending sinus infections. I almost gave up and thought that this is the way I have to live the rest of my life. I was pretty skeptical about going to a Chinese Medicine Doctor but after my co-­‐worker had an amazing results with her migraines, I decided to give it a try. I didn't think it could get any worse. After just a few visits I have become allergy free. I can breathe easier and actually open my eyes in the morning without the usual swelling and itching. I don't have to take sick days from my work because of PMS anymore and my sinuses are as clear as when I was a child. Dr. Zielinski truly changed my life. If only I could give six stars, I would.

Moni W.

Highly recommend giving it a try!

I have dealt with chronic jaw problems (as a result of stress-­related teeth clenching during sleep) for 20+ years. After a recent gum graft, my jaw dislocated on one side and I was on pain meds and muscle relaxants. I started seeing Igor Zielinski for acupuncture and after three sessions, I was able to completely go off the meds and was pain free. I have had eight sessions to date, and my jaw is almost completely healed and my clenching has drastically reduced. As an added bonus, I no longer have chronic stomach aches as the acupuncture not only deals with relaxing muscles and stress management, but also improved my digestion. Igor is personable, professional, and very knowledgeable in his field. I highly recommend giving it a try!


Professional, caring, focused and helpful

Igor is truly an exceptional person. My first trip to Avicenna Acupuncture was all I needed to know I was in the right place. Igor is professional, caring, focused and helpful. He listens to how you are and what is going on in your life and with your body. He is well informed both about Western Medicine and about acupuncture. He has been the foundation of my ability to decrease the dose of an addictive prescription drug that I have been trying for years to get off of. The acupuncture Igor does makes it possible for me to decrease the dose, stay at that level and then decrease it some more after an appropriate period of time. After many past failures I am now at 1/3 of the dose I was on when I first saw Igor...and the dose keeps getting smaller. It doesn't require willpower or stamina, just Igor's ability to release the energy that is messed up. I have also had Igor treat my kids. They were extremely wary, but with Igor's reassuring manner and his attitude of ease and caring, they both came to trust him and let him do acupuncture with them. The conditions Igor was treating for both of them had significant resolution with only a few visits. Thank you, Igor, for your continued caring and support!

Danelle D.

Very helpful, friendly and professional

Igor has been very helpful, friendly and professional. As a patient of his I can honestly recommend him for his ability as an acupuncturist, knowledge of the profession, and willingness to offer his advice. Mr. Zielinski has a friendly and personable demeanor. He is easily approachable and I felt comfortable asking him questions.

Marc V.

Fixed my Blackberry thumb

I have heard a lot about acupuncture but never tried until I got 'Blackberry thumb'. Under the acupuncture care of Igor Zielinski my pain began to subside after the first session. I can say after just five acupuncture sessions my pain is completely gone and use of thumb is fully restored to use by Blackberry.


Among the absolute best!

I met Igor and Petra when we were all students together at Emperor's. Under the duress of studying and exams—that's where you really see what someone is made of. These two were always calm, knowledgeable, and took wonderful care of their clinic patients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them with the highest accolades. They're among the absolute best in the field.

Stella O.

Completely satisfied and more!

My experience with acupuncture has been SO positive and I am very grateful for the service that I have received. Having never been to an acupuncturist, I wasn't sure what to expect -­ but I am completely satisfied -­ and more -­ with the results. My shoulder problem is completely healed. Igor is a very skillled professional -­ and also is willing and patient to answer all questions about the procedures. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone considering acupuncture.


Very patient and helped my son feel at ease

My son saw Dr. Zielinski for a couple of months. My son was concerned at first about 'the needles' but Dr. Zielinski was very patient and kind and helped him feel comfortable about the process. Acupuncture was successful in treating my son for bladder control issues. He actually said he would miss his appointments with Dr. Igor!


The Most Trusted

I can't recommend Dr. Igor enough. He has helped me feel substantially better. Not just through accupuncture, but through his recommendations with my food choices and lifestyle. He is by far the most knowledgable person I have come across. He listens and is relatable. Yes - the accupuncture is great, but his concern form my general health and the fact that he listens and adjusts my treatment to that is what is most appreciated. I feel far better and have been a better father/husband/co-worker. Igor, Thank you so much.

James H.

Trustworthy, skilled, kind, and very helpful

As a psychologist, I have referred many patients to Igor and Petra at Avicenna. I have had patients with myriad physical symptoms that accompany their psychological distress. Igor and Petra are extremely knowledgeable and have worked very well with these patients to help relieve their distress and find healthier ways of living. I trust them fully and they have helped me help my patients achieve better health of mind and body.

Pepe S.

Intelligent, talented, and compassionate

Petra Schalk is treating me for a lymph drainage disorder. Although I have had this condition for 2.5 years, with no relief, after my first session with Petra, my swelling started to subside. Petra is a very intelligent, talented, and compassionate professional. I would highly recommend her and her services.

Linda L.

Extremely impressed

I have seen Igor on more than one occasion for a variety of different reasons. I was extremely impressed with Igor's knowledge and expertise. He is very gentle with his patients and genuinely cares about each and every one of them. His use of Chinese herbs allows him to treat a wide variety of patient needs. This is where he truly sets himself apart. He is able to tailor his formulas for each patient, rather than treating everyone the same. I would highly recommend Igor and Petra to anyone who suffers from the wide variety of illnesses, aches, and pains they are able to treat.

Justin S.

Insightful, thoughtful, and compassionate.

Igor is always insightful, thoughtful and compassionate about giving the right type of care needed to benefit me. Thanks!


Going the extra mile

Even though my left knee needed replacing Igor was willing to try and ease the pain. It only helped for a short time while but later I had it made new. The short time he worked on it was well well worth his concern for me.

Jesse C.


A brilliant, gentle acupuncturist!

David B.

Helps my legs, puts my mind and body at ease

This was my first time with accupuncture. I have had 'restless legs' ever since I can remember. Even as a kid I have had problems with my legs off and on. It has bothered me so bad that I can barely sit still at times. I decided to try accupuncture at the suggestion of my girlfriend. I tried going to see my regular doctor and he prescribed pills. I tried taking the pills but found that, even after a few days, I needed to increase the dosage. I am not a fan of taking pills so I started looking for alternative methods. I met Igor through my job and was very impressed with his knowledge and his calm demeanor. Wow! I have been seeing Igor for nearly 2 months and the results have been literally life changing! I am much more relaxed now and I don't feel like I'm about to crawl out of my skin. My condition continues to get better each week. I would recommend this to ANYONE! Drugs may have their place, but why would one want to take drugs for the rest of their life? This is what my regular doctor recommended. I'm so thankful that I met Igor and I'm thankful that he is so caring and so sensitive to my wants and needs. I would recommend Igor and acupuncture, not just as an alternative, but as my FIRST CHOICE to anything negative that I'm experiencing. Not only does it help my legs but it puts my mind and body at ease. It is the ultimate experience. Thank you!

Google User

Intelligent, genuine, and very caring

I can't say enough about Igor and Avicenna Acupuncture. Finally I have found an intelligent, genuine, and very caring doctor who gets to the core of your problems and fixes them. Most doctors I have seen for my physical ailments have just given me "very expensive" painkillers to mask the problem, as they love to do here in America. Drugs just mask the pain, they are addicting, they're expensive, they decrease your energy levels, and they will destroy your liver over time. I have only been seeing Igor for about a month and a half and I feel much better...not only physically but emotionally now that I'm sleeping better, i am more relaxed, and my pain has decreased significantly. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are the way to go. Thank you so much Avicenna Acupuncture.

Google User