Preventative Medicine – Back to the Roots

Hippocrates recognized the power of lifestyle as medicine some 2500 years ago, testimony to his wisdom and prescience. As president-elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, I celebrate the possibility of finding our way back to a future informed by such insight.”

Above is the first sentence of a great article about preventative medicine. It is exactly what Chinese Medicine is all about. In Chinese Medicine the focus of treatment is on keeping the body healthy and balanced. In ancient times in China their patients paid doctors as long as they were healthy. It’s a great concept absolutely contrary to the western medicine concept. Obviously during your annual check up your doctor would need to spend time on making recommendations about life style and diet.

Herbal Medicine should be part of everybody’s diet. And partially it still is. Christmas sweets are full of cinnamon and ginger both herbs that will warm the body, perfect for cold weather. During the summer water melon and peppermint are favorites, both excellent cooling herbs.

Enjoy this wonderful season and stay healthy!

In good health,
Petra and Igor

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