Co-Sleeping and Breast Feeding

“Mothers who slept in the same bed with their infants breastfed more and longer than those who slept separately, a study found, but this practice of bed sharing has provoked an ongoing controversy over whether it leads to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).”

Despite the well-recognized benefits of breastfeeding for infants, rates of exclusive breastfeeding in the U.S. remain below the recommended rates of 46.2% and 25.5% at 3 and 6 months, with CDC reporting current rates at 33% and 13.3%.

We live in a society where mothers need to return to work as soon as 6 weeks after giving birth. It is not easy to keep the breast feeding thing going when returning to work. It is a lot of work. The planning of using the pump at work, the pumping itself and the ongoing question “do I have enough milk for my baby at the daycare.” Pressures at work, finding the right times to pump and not wanting to share this intimate detail of your life with male coworkers or your boss can be rough. The embarrassment of milk stains on the front of your shirt. Not fun at all.

Hang in there ladies, it is well worth it.

We all love our babies more than life and would give anything to keep them happy and healthy. Look at it this way: it is a very short time in your life that you have to do this AND it will keep you at work more regularly. Less sick days for the baby means less calling in sick for you. Breast milk is the best to keep your little one healthy; after all they get their immunity through you.
Plus, think about those precious and sweet moments that you share with your babe while breast-feeding.

Let’s go ladies and do it.

I have talked to many mom’s who gave up breast feeding, because it just did not work. Meeting with a lactation consultant can be extremely helpful. You can get information about lactation consultants at midwifery centers.

If the milk does not want to flow, Acupuncture can be wonderful for stressed mama’s and it will make the milk flow increase immediately. It is also great for post partum depression and other little ailments you might have after giving birth e.g. hot flashes, sore breasts.

There are several herbs that are considered VERY safe for baby and mother that are very effective. They will also positively increase your babies digestion and potentially decrease cramping and hence crying.

Keep it flowing you wonderful Moms! You are not alone.

With love,

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