Food is Medicine

Herbal Medicine should be part of everyone’s diet - at Avicenna Acupuncture Denver we specialize in treatment with chinese herbs


Food is Medicine, that does not taste bitter

Is it a chef or a doctor?

Is it a pharmacy or a restaurant?

Meat, fish, vegetables, spring onion and porridge:

Delicious dishes eliminate pills and tablets.

Nourishing meals are the remedy for all illnesses.

(Chinese Poem)

Traditionally, in China doctors were paid as long as their patients were well. Even though that is not the case anymore, food recommendations remain a vital part of a doctors responsibility in keeping patients healthy. Food is a terrific source of medicine, since everybody eats at least three meals a day. We would like to invite and encourage you to check our monthly recipes on this blog.

They will give you ideas on how to best support your immune system with the changes of the seasons. They will assist you in beating the “bugs” throughout the year.

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