A New Year A New You

Every year on January first, the resolution to do things differently this year is taking hold of all of us less-than-perfect human beings. So, what happens to all those ambitious thoughts year after year?

It is truly unfortunate that so many of us start off on the right foot only to be sidelined by injury or a feeling of failure. I sure know how hard it is to change my routine. Sometimes the change is harder than the exercise itself. Just to stay away from the daily chocolates in the office is a power struggle between mind and desire. The transformation from couch potato to fitness guru is not an easy one.

Where to Begin

I put together a few suggestions to make this year’s resolution a long-term staple in your life:

  • Start slowly, commit to two days of exercise a week for a start. Find a time-limited class e.g., a two-month yoga course or a 10-week spinning class. It helps to have a start AND a finish date.
  • Try to buddy up with a friend or coworker so you can motivate each other to keep going. Find a gym, yoga center, pool close to your home or your office, so you don’t have to put in extra miles in the car. Choose an activity that you like. If you hate going to the pool, an aquatics class is not a good fit for you. If you enjoy being outside, go for a brisk walk with a neighbor.
  • Stay away from the scale!!! There is no doubt you will lose weight if you start a regular exercise routine. Who cares what the numbers are; you are doing this for your body and mind.
  • Go one step at a time at your pace. You are the boss!

If lack of energy or consistent health issues holds you back, please come and see us at Avicenna Acupuncture Clinic. We will be able to assist you in finding your path and staying on it. There is no need to feel fatigued all the time or suffer in silence.

Let’s get going together! See you outside walking briskly, spinning your legs on the cycle, or doing the downward dog. Whatever it’s going to be, it will be perfect for you.

In good health and see you next year.

Your Health Care Providers at Avicenna Acupuncture Clinic,

Igor and Petra

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