Plain, Nonfat Greek Yogurt versus Regular Yogurt

The other day, a friend of mine and I had a discussion about what makes Greek yogurt different from other kind of yogurt. Neither of us could come up with a satisfying answer. I decided to do some research; this is what I found on web MD and of course I added my own two cents.

There are a great number of yogurts on the market, but Greek yogurt sticks out. Generally yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. Greek yogurt has a thicker, creamier texture because the liquid whey is strained out. Also, it contains probiotic cultures and is lower in lactose and has twice the protein content of regular yogurts. Probiotic cultures help to prevent gas in the digestive tract and vaginal yeast infection. Women can apply yogurt directly to the vaginal area to re-establish a healthy bacterial environment. This is especially recommended if a woman suffers from frequent yeast infections, which never seem to clear completely.

Add some honey or fruit to your plain Greek yogurt and you prepared yourself a healthy snack in 3 minutes. This is a great alternative to the conventional “fruit on the bottom or is it on top?” yogurts, that contain a lot of calories and corn syrup.

My husband, Igor (Acupuncturist in Denver) likes to make Tzatziki from Greek yoghurt. It is very refreshing and cooling during the hot summer months.

Igor’s recipe for Tzatziki:

One big container of Greek Yoghurt (non-fat or regular)

Two organic cucumbers

2 gloves of garlic

4 table spoons of Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste


Peel Cucumber and cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out all the seeds with a spoon. Cut down cucumber in small pieces or use cheese grinder to grind cucumber into small pieces. Now you add garlic pressed through garlic press and olive oil to taste. Mix all the ingredients together. Let Tzatziki sit in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, so the flavors mix. Tzatziki goes well with whole wheat pita bread, potatoes or is delicious just by itself.

Source Article:

Petra Schalk L.Ac.

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