Post Partum Nutrition Part One

After childbirth it is crucial to replenish the body with essential nutrients. Pregnancy and birth are taxing on the body. Post partum nutrition requires special attention.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is not advised to refrain from eating meat completely, especially after childbirth. During the birthing process and afterwards every woman looses blood. The easiest way to replenish iron and secondarily blood is to eat blood in the form of meat. I do understand that many women prefer to eat a vegetarian diet. My next blog entry will describe a vegetarian post partum broth option.

All recipes below are designed to fortify the immune system after child birth, regulate the hormones and support the blood building capacity. If you have pregnancy induced hypertension (high blood pressure), omit the ginger.

Nourishing Beef broth

General Ingredients:

4-5 beef bones

approx. 1/2 pound of beef

2 carrots peeled and sliced

1/2 celery root

1 parsley root

1 big onion

Medicinal Ingredients:

1       small Gingerroot (sliced into smallish pieces)

3-4    Bay leaves

1       Bundle of Cilantro (fresh) or coriander (dried)

5-10   Juniper berries (dried)

3-4     Cloves (dried)

10      Peppercorns

How to make it:

Place the bones and the meat in a big pot and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Pour the broth through a colander, throw out the water and clean the pot.

Put the bones and meat back in the pot and pour hot water over them until covered well. Bring to a boil. Add all other ingredients and all medicinal ingredients.

If you want to eat the meat, take it out when it is tender (approx. 1.5 hours) and enjoy. Keep the bones and all other ingredients in the broth and keep cooking.

This broth needs to be simmered for at least 2 ½ hours. The longer the better! Once it’s done strain everything, and throw out all the ingredients (all the nourishment is in the broth now).

You can drink the broth hot just like it is or you can add vegetables or grains. Keep the ready made broth in the refrigerator and drink 1-2 cups a day. It will stay fresh in the fridge for approximately 3-4 days.

Personally I made a big pot of the beef broth a week before my due date and froze it in small portions. It came in really handy as a snack during the day with some added rice and vegetables during those first weeks of breast feeding and recovery. Plus it tastes so good!

I know cooking this broth is a time consuming affair, BUT it will pay off big time. You will have increased energy, a great post partum recovery and more time to spend with your newborn.

Please respond to this blog with questions.

Just FYI Acupuncture is very effective in treating post partum depression and to increase milk flow. Nothing in this broth will adversely affect your infant.

In the best of health,

Your Avicenna Acupuncture Team

Petra and Igor

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