Post Partum Nutrition Part Two

After childbirth it is crucial to replenish the body with essential nutrients. Pregnancy and birth are taxing on the body. In the “Post Partum Nutrition Part One” post I promised to offer an alternative, vegetarian option for the beef broth. Here it is:

Vegetarian Broth

General Ingredients:

1 Celery Root

4 Carrots

1 Parsley Root

1 Big Onion

Water (enough to cover all ingredients by 1 inch)

Medicinal Ingredients:

1          small Gingerroot (sliced into smallish pieces)

3-4       Bay leaves

1          Bundle of Cilantro (fresh) or coriander (dried)

5-10      Juniper berries (dried)

3-4        Cloves (dried)

10         Peppercorns

3-4        Teaspoons of sesame oil

Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil has many good medicinal qualities. One of its functions is to promote efficient digestion and elimination. Dark sesame oil has superior quality to the light colored kind. When you open the sesame oil it should have a fragrant and rich odor. Good quality sesame oil comes in smaller bottles (16 ounces) and slightly more expensive.


If you were diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension, please refrain from using Ginger. If you have very low blood pressure Ginger will help to make you feel more energetic.

How to make it:

Peel and cut all the vegetables and cover with water. Add all the spices. Boil the soup for aprox. 40 minutes. Strain the broth and discard of all the ingredients.

Drink 2-3 small cups every day. Keep the leftovers refrigerated.

I would recommend making a big pot of this vegetable broth a week before your due date and freeze it in small portions. It will come in really handy as a snack during the day with some added rice, barely, pasta and vegetables during those first weeks of breast feeding and recovery. Plus it tastes delicious!

Cooking this broth will pay off big time. You will have increased energy, a great post partum recovery and more time to spend with your newborn.

Did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective and safe to induce labor? Contrary to induction by pharmaceuticals this method is very gentle and will NOT increase your labor pains and time.

We are here to help. Give us a call if you would like to get more in depth information about labor induction, nutrition and/or other pre and post partum challenges.

In good health,

Your Avicenna Acupuncture Health Team,

Petra and Igor.

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