Tis’ the Season – Tax Season

Nobody likes it, but everybody has got to do it, right?

If you have not finished your taxes yet and have a few bucks to spare, or are looking for a great write off opportunity you can show your support in the fight against cancer by checking line 37 on their 2010 income tax forms. All donations will go to the Breast and Women’s Reproductive Cancers (BWRC) Fund, the only cancer organization in the Tax Check-off Program.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a $6000 grant provided by the BWRC fund for the past 11 months. I cannot emphasize enough how appreciative and grateful every single woman was for getting financial support. The fund money was distributed among almost 40 women. Most of the money was used to assist women with lymphedema buy compression garments.

Every year in Colorado, nearly 1,000 women are diagnosed with reproductive cancers and over 2,800 men and women are diagnosed with breast cancer. An estimated 17 percent of Coloradans are uninsured and many others have inadequate insurance coverage.  Your donations pay for cancer education and services all over Colorado!



If you live in the greater Denver Area and are in need of a compression garment or lymphedema care please contact Petra Schalk, OTR/L, CLT

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If your stress level is through the roof and you have restless and/or dream disturbed sleep. Acupuncture is wonderful in calming that anxiety and get you back on track; BEFORE you have finished your taxes!

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